We determine the target countries
for import and export.
Consultancy We create a customer and
supplier portfolio.
Foreign Trade Operation We work as your outsourced
foreign trade team.
We represent you (marketing,purchasing, assistance) with our overseas directors Foreign Trade Intelligence Collaboration
Creating a Destination Country Report
ADABTE International analyzes sector data, conducts market research and determines the target country in order to enable Turkish companies to export products and services in the easiest and most profitable way.
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Portfolio Building Service
ADABTE International enables you to create a portfolio to correctly identify potential customers and important suppliers for your business.
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Foreign Trade Representation Service
ADABTE International provides representation services to companies that have just started or are considering to start foreign trade. Import and export agencies ensure that the desired quality goods are traded with the right countries and the right people at the optimum price level.
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Foreign Trade Marketing Office
Our ADABTE International Marketing Offices implement the strategies we have prepared for companies in important countries such as China, Vietnam and Russia in terms of foreign trade, in the local language.
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Foreign Trade Database
We offer you the data you need to perform your B2B sales transactions profitably at the right time and in a reliable manner.
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Business Development Assistance Services
ADABTE International provides assistance services in the entire process from start to finish to ensure that the companies continue to progress without stopping while creating an experienced, knowledgeable and organized structure.
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Document Registration Services
As ADABTE International, we offer special Document Registration Services in order to quickly and accurately perform the certification work that requires expertise in the customs clearance process.
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