The needs of each company are different. First, we start working with the ”foreign trade road map” that we will determine together. Here, after examining the foreign trade infrastructure of your company, necessary actions are taken in the light of the findings.


The TENDATA system contains direct trade data from: USA, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, England, Pakistan, Korea, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Japan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and New Zealand.

TENDATA works with the annual membership system.

No, when you get TENDATA membership, you can access the data of all countries and regions registered in the system.

In order for these data to be shared, the legislation of countries must be suitable to share this data. The data of the countries in the system can be shared as their legislation is suitable.

Target Country Reports

There are 220 countries and regions in the world. It takes time and cost to try to present your products to all markets. That’s why you can choose the right markets with the target country reports and take action.

Target country reports are made on the basis of GTIP for the product specific. Companies can target different markets for their different products. Therefore, preparing reports for each product group will lead companies to a more accurate conclusion.

Customer Portfolio

Identifying potential customers with whom you can sell your product is one of the main steps in foreign trade. Targeting the right potential customers; it will contribute to the right management of the energy, time and money of your company and your employees.

Working with the right suppliers is extremely important for sustainable production. Therefore, it is very important for manufacturers to be informed about potential suppliers and receive offers.

It can be created; however, it is important to determine the target markets by analyzing the target country before creating a customer portfolio. Creating a portfolio will lead companies to the correct result after this study.

As ADABTE International, we access of realized trade data and create a portfolio from these data. Therefore, the companies we report are the companies that currently trade your product.

Representation Service

When you get ADABTE Representation service, a total of 3 people, 1 data team and 2 directors, will be assigned on behalf of your company. The data team will create a portfolio of 20 companies per month on behalf of your company. Then, our directors will carry out promotional and marketing activities to the portfolio created.

If you want, you can use our representation service to export your product and promote your product to foreign companies, if you want to import a product and find new suppliers and collect offers from them.

The export and import process proceeds with the same logic. Depending on the project content, first of all, our data team creates a portfolio of 20 companies that we can export or import every month. Our project directors, which we have appointed to your project, contact the portfolio of these 20 companies within one month and report the results to you. You just have to decide and let us know what you want to do next.

Our project directors are people who speak English fluently, who have proven to us through our tests that they have the proper character to work in sales and marketing, and who have gained the competence to represent you by completing the proper orientation process.

Of course, we can lead your company for the new markets you are targeting. In this way, you will take action for new markets and execute and develop your existing operations without any problems.

As ADABTE International, we offer services together with our directors abroad. For example, if you want to market your product to Russia, ADABTE director in Russia will represent your company.

With the ADABTE software we developed, you will be able to follow the developments instantly. With this software, you can listen to phone calls made on behalf of your company and see all activities on the system instantly.

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